Membership Tariff

Effective FROM 1ST APRIL 2015 – 31ST MARCH 2016

Membership Category                                  Monthly            Annual

Individual 7 Day Membership                        £72.00              £792.00
Country Club Peak                                        £93.00              £1023.00
Joint 7 Day Membership                               £122.00           £1342.00
Joint Country Club Peak                               £160.00           £1760.00
Individual 5 Day Membership                        £56.00              £616.00
Country Club Off-Peak                                  £73.00              £803.00
Joint 5 Day Membership                                £86.00              £946.00
Joint Country Club Off-Peak                          £113.00             £1243.00

Student Membership
(Aged 18-21 or in FT education)*                  £14.00              £154.00
22 Years Old                                                 £27.00               £297.00
23 Years Old                                                 £37.00               £407.00
24 Years Old                                                  £45.00               £495.00
25 Years Old                                                  £54.00              £594.00
Junior Membership (Aged 7-17 years)         £14.00               £154.00
Family Junior Membership (7-17 years)**    N/A                  £50.00

 5 Day Corporate 4 Ball                                                              £2612 + VAT

Corporate 5 Day Membership is available as a four ball. Corporate membership must be in the name of the company and can be used by any authorised person producing a membership card to use of the course at any time subject to availability of tee times. The company will be issued four membership cards and the security of the membership cards is the responsibility of the company. Three guests may play with the authorised person at no charge on a four ball corporate membership. Only one corporate membership card holder may be on the course at any one time. Corporate members are not allowed to play in club competitions.

All members except Corporate are required to pay an additional annual Club Levy and Affiliation Fee of: Men £22.00, Ladies £24.40 (Deduct £5.00 Club Fund for under 18s).  This is to be made as a separate payment to your subscription.

 Terms and Conditions:
*    Proof of Studentship required for mature students must be classed as full time.
**  Family Junior Membership is open to any person between the ages of 7-17 who has a member of family currently holding membership with Menzies Cambridgeshire Golf Club.  Membership will be based on the adult terms (i.e. 5 Day/7 Day).  This will be the junior’s home club.

All cheques should be made payable to:
‘Topland Hotels (No.14) Ltd’

Menzies Cambridge Golf Membership Tariff