The Course

Winding its way over a twisting 6750 yards, the course at Menzies Cambridge Golf Club offers a thrilling challenge to golfers of all skill levels.

From the putting green where you can develop your short game to each of our demanding 18 holes, we’re dedicated to providing the ideal environment for golf.

In the words of our golf pro;

“Boasting the toughest starting and finishing holes in the county there are plenty of risk and reward shots – none more so than at the par 4 16th. A 90 degree dogleg left hole measuring 445 yards, it requires a daring shot over the corner engulfed with trees to a tight downhill sloping fairway.

Cut too much off and out of bounds and water hazards are waiting, play it safe to the right and expect 250 yards left with the ball below your feet. Having negotiated the tight 17th, the challenge of the 18th awaits. At 527 yards it looks on the card to be a nice easy finish, however, its not!

Once you’ve negotiated the out of bounds on the left and well placed fairway bunkers, you have the biggest decision of your day, do I take on the water? With out of bounds on the left and water short and to the right of a well bunkered green only a straight long ball will be successful. Good luck!”

All you need to know before you arrive is a little about our dress code. Here’s what you can’t wear out on the course:

  • Metal spikes
  • Tracksuits
  • T-shirts and vests
  • Swimming or football shorts
  • Football socks
  • Trainers
  • Three quarter length trousers (men)
  • Denim jeans
  • Numbered shirts, including football shirts

And in the clubhouse:

  • Golf shoes
  • Headwear

Choose the hole you wish to fly over from the choice below:

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